Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery in Edinburgh

We provide a wide range of professional cleaning services to meet your needs. We promise to provide every service to your highest level of satisfaction.

Why have your carpets professionally cleaned by us?

If you don’t have your carpet cleaned regularly, then it not only gets stained and grubby, but the fibres will become clogged up with grains of dirt, dust mites, hairs, and various allergens. When you have pets in the home, cleaning becomes even more necessary as their fur and bacteria, left-over food, dirt from outside and even pet urine will all become buried within your carpet; you may not see these things, but they are there. On top of this, you can sometimes get an unpleasant smell.

Porty Cleaning Services use carpet cleaning equipment of the highest quality combined with top of the range ecologically friendly cleaning products, we will carefully attend to your carpets, removing stains and smells. After cleaning your carpet will be fresh and hygienically clean.

We also offer professional upholstery cleaning services both for domestic and commercial customers based in Edinburgh and surrounds. We use the highest quality equipment  along with knowledgeable friendly staff. After cleaning, your upholstery will be rejuvenated and hygienically clean.

Our Carpet/Upholstery cleaning prices are very competitive starting from as little as £30 for the first carpet and from £20 for all other rooms after that (based on your average family home) Upholstery cleaning starts from £50.

Call us to get a free, no obligation quote. Please see our FAQ section for more information relating to our carpet cleaning service

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