How long will my carpets take to dry?

Most of the carpets dry within around two to four hours, however the period of time that it would take a carpet to dry depends on numerous factors including how soiled your carpet was and weather conditions. Our cleaners are very experienced and should be able to estimate the time it would take once they arrive at the property.

Will all the stains come out of my carpet?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee 100% that any specific stain will be removed after our cleaning technicians have visited your home or business premises. Some stains damage the fibres of a carpet irreversibly, so no amount of professional carpet cleaning will remove it. If you have a particular stain that you are concerned about, please give us a call and discuss it with our team first.

Is there any risk my carpet will shrink after cleaning?

It is very rare that a carpet will shrink after our professional carpet cleaning team have cleaned it – as long as the carpet was originally installed correctly, there should be no risk involved. All our technicians will carry out a pre-clean inspection of the carpet to ensure they have identified any potential areas of concern or risks relating to shrinkage.

Do I have to move my furniture out of every room?

As part of our service to you, we can help to move any furniture if you are not able to. It does however help to move all items that you are able to. It is very important that any particularly valuable items are moved by you the customer or brought to our attention on the day. We will not move anything without your permission.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove the smell of smoke?

Yes, a deep clean of carpets and rugs can ensure that smoke smell trapped within them is successfully removed.

What happens if I’m not happy with your work?

We work tirelessly to guarantee all our customers are satisfied with their carpets after cleaning, and we deal with all complaints in a fast and professional manner. If you feel our work has been of an unsatisfactory standard or would like to speak to our team regarding any issues, please contact us on our main office telephone number on 0131 376 3760 where we will be happy to help.

Do you use toxic solutions?

No. All of our solutions are non-toxic, so you need not worry about discolouration and scratches when you book with us.

How regularly should I get my gutters serviced?

The true answer to this lies in the location of your property. We recommend that gutters are cleaned as a standard once a year, however if you are surrounded by overhanging trees, or in an exposed location, 6 monthly servicing would be ideal.

Gutters which can be seen to be overflowing or allowing ingress of water into your property should be serviced asap.

Why do I have vegetation and grass growing in my gutters?

Grass and vegetation seeds itself in the gutter muck lying stagnant in gutters, as such gutters should be cleaned out the beginning of spring to remove any residual gutter muck and again the end of summer in case any vegetation has taken root.

Is it best to wait until the end of autumn to clear my gutters?

It is logical to get gutters cleared once all the leaves have fallen from the trees, however consider that in the months previous, leaves have been falling into gutters and may have been washed into down pipes during this period. In cases where the property is surrounded by trees, it is advised that gutters are cleared regularly during the leaf falling period.

Why are my gutters filled with silt?

Silt and gutter muck occurs where the slate on the roof erodes over time and this silt is washed into the gutters, we recommend a spring clean to remove the silt before any vegetation takes root.

My roof has various heights and levels, is a once yearly gutter clean sufficient?

The more complex the roof, the more debris will be washed into your gutters. We recommend a more frequent service in spring and autumn for larger or more complicated roofing.

How do I pay you?

We welcome payment by Cash, Bank Transfer or via our card reader on the day at the location.