High Level Vacuum Gutter Clearing in Edinburgh

Gutter clearing  and maintenance is an essential part of a property’s upkeep. This can be arranged with Porty Cleaning Services on a yearly or ad hoc basis.

  • Overflowing gutters can cause expensive damage to your property.
  • Quite often they are forgotten about – out of sight, out of mind!
  • Or perhaps the thought of climbing a ladder fills you with dread?

Sometimes debris such as leaves, moss, dirt and branches can block your gutters and can be expensive to repair if left for too long. Keeping your gutters clean will avoid blockages which in turn can lead to damage to gutter itself.  Porty Cleaning Services can help you out with this.

Using  our professional SkyVac vacuum system to clean your guttering, we can remove all moss, leaves, muck and silt that has built up in your gutters and allow water to drain properly again. We do not use ladders, cherry pickers or cradles, our gutter cleaning service is safe, efficient and poses no risk of damage to your property.

At Porty Cleaning Services our gutter cleaning equipment is able to reach up to 45ft from ground level without the need for an additional ground platform, meaning less risk of damage to property and a swifter more efficient job.

Professional high level internal cleaning is also available using our high reach vacuuming system. Ideal for cleaning dust or cobwebs from high ceilings, church halls, warehouses or industrial units.

Prices start from £60. Quotes are free with no obligation. See our FAQ section for more information.

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